Frequently Asked Questions for WLog

Y2K-Problem Top of page
  • Does Wlog have a problem with the year 2000?
  • Versions and installation Top of page
  • What's the difference between the demo and the full version?
  • When will the new version with even more features finally be released?
  • Do you plan a version for Windows CE?
  • How do the installation and update work?
  • Datatransfer from and to the divecomputer Top of page
  • Transferring dives to my PC doesn't work! What's wrong?
  • The dive profiles of newly transferred dives look strange! What happened?
  • Transferring dives for the first time, I only get the profiles for the last few dives! Where's the rest?
  • Do you plan to include DataTalk's functionality to change the dive computer's settings?
  • I can transfer dives but after I save the logfile, then close and restart Wlog the dives are gone!
  • How to I transfer dives from my dive computer to Wlog?
  • Wrong and missing data Top of page
  • Wlog does not show the No-Decompression-Limit and the decompression information; will you include these in a future release?
  • Do Wlog and DataTrak calculate the average air consumption differently? I have discrepancies between those two!
  • Data input Top of page
  • I cannot specify new buddies! Is that a bug?
  • What delimiter should be used to seperate a list of partners?
  • Can I modify the list of buddies?
  • Other dive omputers Top of page
  • Will you include dive computer xxx in a future release?
  • Transferring data from my Mares Genius dive computer doesn't work! What's wrong?
  • The "Extra" menu item  Top of page
  • In Extra->Certifications, Equipement and Buddy adress Wlog asks for a file; I don't have one! Am I missing something?
  • Various Top of page
  • Do you have a manual for Wlog?
  • My screen-resolution is to small! What can I do?
  • When I display a dive profile in full-screen mode the crosshair gets stuck!